Each of our Consultants are highly trained in interview processes and techniques.  We use these in-depth interviews to assess candidate suitability on behalf of our clients and consider skills, experience, cultural fit and personal drivers and motivation.  This examination of the candidate's career path includes the cross checking of details against the CV based on a detailed biographical interview. 

Additionally we use evidence based case studies and situational interview techniques to assure ourselves of a candidate's suitability and motivation before making any introduction to a client. 



Many clients chose to supplement our interview pack with a broad choice of testing - both psychometric and ability based and consistently feed back that using testing as an additional tool when making hiring decisions can highlight potential and provide useful insight when team building and for longer term candidate management. 

Consultant Eva Varady has a B.A. and M.A. in psychology and and is a registered psychologist with the British Psychological Society (Division of Occupational Psychology).  Eva's further training with the BPS qualifies her to administer, interpret and recommend a wide range of testing.  Her consultative approach coupled with many years of hands-on, in-house human resources experience makes her uniquely skilled at providing feedback and full narrative reports to our clients.