Market intelligence is the foundation of our success – we work and knowledge and keep a finger of the pulse of the people and the progress of the industries we serve.  Each of your team are expert researchers with a wide network of industry experts on whom we can call for direction and advice.


A tough economic climate has led many corporate organisations to attempt to rationalise their recruitment process by building in-house recruitment teams – who can be very effective in many recruitment situations.  However, many internal recruiters are faced with having to recruit on huge numbers of projects on a monthly basis and so simply cannot afford the time to conduct full market research on each individual position – needing to prioritise interviewing and selection activity.

From time to time clients want to have up to the minute market intelligence before commitment to a particular strategic  initiative.

In response to these sorts of situations Seal developed our Market & Mapping services, which can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Market Mapping involves our delivering a map of your industry with defined organisations, broken down into segmented groups in order to allow you to effectively priorities your recruitment resources. This can involve our identifying target pools of candidates according to your criteria, for example by  title, seniority or location. Our clients tell us that having a selected audience of candidates to focus on delivers enhanced response rates to their own direct marketing rates.

Talent Mapping involves out delivering full competitor analysis to you, allowing you to pick off the specific individuals that would add most benefit to your business. In addition to names and titles of target individuals we can also conduct candidate surveys focussing on key skills and accomplishments – using questionnaires defined in partnership with you – in order that your approaches can be even more targeted.  This can be particularly helpful in sensitive or confidential situations.

Salary Surveys  our market access allows us to deliver bespoke salary surveys to our clients according to their needs.