Industry Expertise 

Deep sector knowledge is one of the foundation stones of our success.   Feedback from clients and candidates alike is that it is refreshing to work with a recruitment partner that truly understands the issues and trends impacting on their industry today.

Our model of niche market expertise allows our consultants to function effectively as knowledge workers,  and for our clients to benefit from working with a partner who understands the competitive landscape - after all, it is the 'soft' but critical issues and nuances of culture and 'fit' that make the difference in candidate attraction.  


Our in-depth knowledge of your sector allow us to identify and engage with candidates who are operating at the top of their game,  often gaining access to individuals who are not on the open market.  

In this era of new media, social networking and Linked In our clients and candidates feed back that they appreciate our specialist, highly personal approach as a way to cut through the white noise and get to the information that matters.