For Clients

Blue chip, mid-sized or start up our clients trust us to seek out exceptional individuals from the marketplace. They are organisations that want to meet the very best candidates in the industry - and that have talent acquisition high on their list of priorities.

These complex and competitive times make certain hires more critical than ever, the ability to innovate, retain or enhance market share, or break new geographic territories can give a business the competitive edge - and even ensure its survival.


Our approach gives our clients access to candidates who may not otherwise know their opportunity exists. Often the highest performers are those who are well respected, well motivated and well remunerated where they are - those individuals who are simply 'not looking' for a career move. Critically, these individuals are unlikely to have the time or the interest to review opportunities on Job Boards or Linked In as they are essentially happy where they are.

Where an acute shortage of candidates with specific skills and experience exists traditional recruitment methods, even those employing new media, are often ineffective in this climate. However, a well placed discrete and confidential conversation with a knowledgeable head hunter gives our clients the opportunity to showcase their organisation to candidates in the controlled and pro-active way most likely to yield results - the perfect arena for a niche market specialist such as Seal.

Our clients benefit from Seal's robust search methodology and deep sector knowledge, from an interview to placement ratio of less than 3:1 and a 100% success rate on retained projects - and they tell us that it is truly refreshing to do business with an organisation that delivers.

We are loyal to our clients and as head hunters with a relatively small portfolio of clients we can assure you that we will never recruit from within your organisation - unlike many database agencies who cannot be so discerning - this also means that we can go straight to the heart of your competitor. With 80% of our business coming from repeat clients we believe our commitment to long-term relationships is the right approach.

I wanted to thank you for all your effort over the past months. You have been an absolute pleasure to work with and in many years of utilizing Recruitment services your approach has been the most exceptional process I have worked with. You have truly made a difference to our ability to expand our business and hire quality staff.

Thank you and please take some well deserved rest.
— Matt Adney - Director, International Solutions Captaris International B.V.