Our Values & Beliefs 

Seal was created on a mission to build a niche firm that would delight it's clients - exceeding their expectations by delivering specialist expertise - both in depth of industry knowledge and in search.  

We always wanted to be a great place to work and to attract and retain bright, passionate and energetic people to our team - believing that our investment in our people would deliver excellence to our clients and candidates and create a virtuous circle. 

Our values are about us, who we are and how we operate, they inform all that we do; we embrace an evolving and organic culture yet these guiding principles remain a constant. 



  • Transparency - we are open in our dealings with our customers and with our colleagues
  • Communication - we are open and honest in our conversations.  We do not shy away from straight talk when it serves the best interests of our candidates and clients
  • Trust - we make service level recommendations based on doing the right thing for our clients, not what is commercially expedient.  We protect the confidentiality of our candidates.   
  • Commitment  - we commit to do the right thing and to deliver on our promises  
  • Respect for the individual - we encourage the professional and personal development of our candidates, colleagues and selves.  We support a positive work/life balance
  • Be Authentic - we will be true to our values and to ourselves


  • Relationship - we strive to put the interests of our clients and candidates first and always take the long-view
  • Excellence is about delivering on our promises, exceeding expectations and delighting our clients and candidates
  • Market expertise - we work our knowledge to the benefit of our customers
  • Service Level Agreement - we apply a rigorous process and commit to deliver to pre-agreed budgets and timescales 
  • Partnership we build enduring professional relationships with a personal approach
  • Results - we recognise that the long-term relationships we value so highly are nurtured by short-term results


  • We take pride in our niche market expertise 
  • We are to proud to be in search
  • We are proud to represent our clients
  • We take pride in the relationships we build
  • We take pride in and ownership of our training and personal development
  • We take pride in the results we deliver  - as  individuals and as a team