Life Sciences

We established our Life Sciences practice in 2002 to provide high level search solutions to serve clients within the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and related industries and we are proud of our significant portfolio of Case Studies and testimonials demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach. 

Life Sciences, perhaps more than any other industry, faces unprecedented commercial and regulatory risks.  Shifting markets, emerging regulatory conditions, the inherent risks of drug development and the unique challenges of commercialisation and patent expiry make this is a dynamic and continually evolving discipline. 


Life Sciences companies depend upon a range of people skills including technical, scientific,  operations and senior management through product development and management, quality assurance and quality control and sales and marketing.   The individuals who deliver these high-level skills must also be able to manage and lead their organisations successfully through the potential minefields of government regulation across international borders, shifting public opinion and changing ethical views  - all this whilst balancing long-term product investment strategies and facing up to low cost competition.

Stringent technical requirements combined with the soft but critical issues of culture and team fit make recruitment in this complex industry a perfect arena for the niche market specialist such as Seal.   There is an acute shortage of qualified candidates with certain business critical qualifications in this sector, where they do exist they are often well regarded and remunerated and so are often very happy where they are.  Traditional recruitment methods, even employing new media, are often ineffective in this climate.  However, a well placed discrete and confidential conversation with a knowledgeable head hunter gives our clients the opportunity to show case their organisation to candidates in the controlled and pro active way most likely to yield results. 

Seal's robust search methodology and deep sector knowledge have proven a successful recipe for identifying and engaging with individuals who possess these skills and leadership and who can deliver commercial success whilst managing the complexities of the Life Sciences sector.

Operating in the UK and throughout Europe, we specialise in the completion of mid to senior level appointments and have been successful in one-off specialist assignments, the project management of team recruitment projects and on-going ‘talent spotting.’ 

Our clients in Life Sciences tell us that it is refreshing to do business with a recruitment partner who understand their business drivers and that we have often been successful when other recruitment methods and agencies have failed. 

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