I should like to thank you for the commitment to providing a Market Research Manager for our UK & Ireland team.
This was a difficult position to fill and I appreciated your determination to find the best candidate.  This was a challenging brief, the details of which you understood immediately and this was proven when candidates were provided.
I look forward to continuing our partnership.
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Multinational Biopharmaceutical Client

We used Seal to search for Technical Staff for a new satellite business.

Seal approaches prospective candidates in relevant businesses on our behalf, they interview them initially so that we can be sure that the candidates our busy managers are seeing: -

The greatest value to us is that we don’t waste time processing lots of candidates.  We probably only see 2 – 3 candidates for each position.

Seal have checked out what candidate’s salary expectations are so that we are pre-warned what they are willing to accept.  They have also advised us about what candidates find attractive about our organisation/staff team so when meeting candidates we can make sure they see us at our best.

I would not say Seal are unique compared with other Search companies I have used.  However, two areas where I believe them to be particularly effective are: -

Project Planning the Search and Initial Interview stage so that we are kept informed on progress and can forward plan when we will do our interviews.

Shortlists are reviewed with us at face to face meetings.  Seal give us feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.  This enables us to see the strongest candidates first - perhaps keeping others in reserve for second choice.

In other areas Seal operate “best practice” in the Search business.
HR Manager, Satellite Owner Operator

“I have experienced Seal Recruitment Solutions from a candidate’s perspective. 

I found Seal to be extremely professional in their approach.

They took the opportunity to understand my motivations and career goals, from the very outset of our discussions, and throughout the recruitment process.  It was clear to me that Seal not only had my best interests in mind,  but unlike any recruiter I had ever encountered before, thee were able to offer me sound and impartial advice to help me make the right decision, ensuring that I was effectively briefed and de-briefed for every meeting. 

I have been impressed by the quality of service that I have received from Seal time and time again, so much so that I would be keen to keep in touch and use the services of  Seal again should the need arise.

I would without hesitation recommend Seal Recruitment Solutions for their professionalism and uniqueness within the market place.
Global Security Solutions Manager
Tier 1 Handset Manufacturer

I have had some head hunters contact me before but I have never continued the discussion after the first contact.  The Seal consultant was able to raise interest from the beginning and had a very professional approach.

Although initially I didn´t have plans to consider new positions, the consultant was able to ask the right questions and lead me to a direction that made me re-evaluate my career plans. The beginning of the process was done completely thru Seal and this made me feel trust towards Mohammad at a very early stage.

For me the process felt a bit long and it was important that I was contacted regularly. In my opinion Seal is extremely good at handling people and this had a positive effect also for the company doing the actual hiring (Check Point).

After these first two months I´m very happy about my new job and I feel the position is exactly what was described and promised during the hiring process.
Major Account Manager, Placed by Seal at Network Security Software Vendor, Finland

We have been enormously impressed by the approach of the recruitment consultants to identifying the right candidates and then managing them effectively though the recruitment process.  This latter aspect of the service sets Seal apart in my view – most search firms can find suitable candidates, but many fail to convert them into successful recruits.  Seal take the psychology of job-changing seriously and it seems to pay dividends.  Despite the fact that we only recently started to work with them, Seal have supplied 25% of our offers and hires this year.

Seal consultants build a depth of understanding of their clients – both as people and in terms of their business objectives.  They apply the same care to interviewing candidates, so that interviewers are exceptionally well prepared before a meeting.  Briefing notes are always current and comprehensive, covering candidates’ motivation and concerns as well as work experience.  Unusually, Seal will withdraw a candidate if they are not satisfied that there are enough ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors for a move  - saving management time and probably increasing the chances of recruiting the individual by waiting for a more opportune time for an interview.

When a candidate is progressed, detailed and highly relevant post-interview feedback is sought and provided – you’re never left in the dark about how a candidate feels about the role or the organisation, or about the other options they are considering, and as a client you can expect to be pushed (in the nicest possible way!) to reciprocate.

The staff at Seal seem very focused on service and delivery.  Every person you talk to in Seal, from the person who answers the switchboard to the experienced recruitment consultants, are friendly, helpful and reliable.  Messages always get passed on, calls are responded to quickly, they do what they say they will do, which certainly isn’t always the case with recruitment companies.

Seal have additionally added value to Berkeley in terms of market information – spending a lot of time supplying information for a recent market research project we were conducting.  You get the impression that consultants are prepared to work extremely hard for you and take anti-social hours in their stride.  As our own business is relationship based, we are very comfortable with Seal’s approach.  In comparison to other search firms I’ve dealt with, they are more demanding in terms of the information they need from you and the speed of response they expect, but the benefits of a small CV to interview ratio (never worse than 1 in 2) and exceptionally strong candidate management more than justify the investment.  We see Seal as playing a key part in helping us to achieve our recruitment targets this year and would warmly recommend their services to clients who are prepared to take recruitment seriously.
HR Manager, Boutique Management Consultancy

"Seal promoted me from Head of Sales at my previous company to the position of European Sales Director with a new employer.

"They are consistent, qualitative and responsive. They are not simply in the business of filling vacant positions; their approach is completely focused and target specific.

"Seal have a depth of industry knowledge and so understand the field in which both employers and candidates operate.

"Seal research both the employer and its staffing requirement before approaching candidates. Potential candidates are vetted and pre-qualified thoroughly to derive a suitable match before being presented to the employer."
Candidate, placed as Director European Sales, Dutch Communications Spacecraft Operator

"At this point I was [Satellite Co] VP Europe responsible for building what was an embryonic business in the satellite services arena. Seal assisted in helping outsource the recruitment needs across Europe, successfully securing personnel on our behalf in UK, France, Spain and Germany. Over an 18-month period they placed 22 candidates in Sales, Sales Management, Systems Engineering and Product Management. In addition they were very helpful in providing me with employment contractual advice in these markets.

"They have a good understanding of the telecom and satellite industry as proven by their ability to present candidates, to strict deadlines, with appropriate skills and experience.

"The recruitment program required Seal to generate sufficient excitement in targeted candidates for positions in a new company, new to Europe. They were able to demonstrate the right mix of encouragement whilst staying within the bounds of reasonableness.

"Anyone wishing an organisation to undertake a targeted Executive Search should consult with Seal.Client,  Director,  RF Technology Leader  

"I have used Seal as a candidate and now as a Client and am therefore in a very short space of time to comment from both aspects.

As a candidate I considered Seal's approach to be both professional and competent. The interview process is well structured and without doubt develops the best from the candidate to ensure a complete understanding of the individual, which is important for them, as well as the recruiting organisation.

As a client I use Seal because they 'work' a true partnership. This is a key differentiation, which ensures they are involved in the business decisions. I will continue to use Seal because they are receptive and encourage open and honest communication with both parties, which in my opinion ensures the best fit for all concerned.” 
Gary Kendrick, candidate placed as Director, Carrier Applications, Global Data Network Infrastructure Client

It is with pleasure that I write to you to commend your colleague on the service which she provided me during the process of application for a position at [Global Management Consultancy].

She impressed me with her professionalism throughout the process; this was a critical element in my responding to, and ultimately accepting the opportunity at [Global Consulting Firm].  I considered her an ambassador for the organisation; and in this context her performance contributed towards a positive assessment of them in demonstrating an excellent understanding of the position, the company, and the individuals at [Global Consulting Firm] who I met.
Candidate, placed as Director of Strategy and Thought Leadership, Global Consulting Firm

"I'm currently employed but seeking a new opportunity through Seal. Their personal advice and support are outstanding and their interview preparation thoroughly professional. Seal gets you on your 'A' game come interview time."
Healthcare Marketing Director – candidate represented by Seal.

"We use Seal Recruitment Solutions as our principle recruitment partner because the relationship between the two companies is greater than the relationship between the HR Manager and the Account Manager.

"They are totally trustworthy and I am confident that it is a true partnership with neither company seeking to undermine that relationship. They have delivered time after time, sometimes working within uncompromising deadlines, finding quality individuals to fit "hard to fill" positions.

I am totally confident that Seal will not let 3Com down and any difficult situations that might arise are always dealt with fast and professionally.  

"Seal are a pleasure to work with and I would recommend that any company wanting to work with a quality provider, who delivers, should consider working with Seal."
Client,  HR Manager Global Data Network Infrastructure Client

Thanks very much for coming back to me so quickly yesterday with your client’s response.  Obviously, it's always disappointing not to succeed, but I certainly learned a lot through the process.  I'd appreciate if you could pass on to all the partners and principals there my gratitude to them for the time they spent in considering my application.

I'd also like to express my gratitude to you for the considerable time and effort you spent in working with me.  You were extremely good at keeping me informed about the progress of my application and very thorough in briefing me about the people I met there.  Head-hunters often have a poor reputation for the way in which they treat candidates, but your openness, diligence and professional approach were second to none!

I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year and that there may be other opportunities where we can work together in the future.
Senior Manager, interviewed with Global Strategy Consultancy

The Seal Consultant approached me on a sales opportunity matching my professional profile and was able to articulate very well all the key ingredients of this opportunity, its role, company's strategy and its position in the market place.

Clearly he knew his customer and its culture and pitched it accurately to me. He could also give responses to some of my initial questions and concerns. All this was done very professionally, politely and confidentially. I felt comfortable to discuss my own background, current position & company and my own career goals very openly.

After sending my CV to Seal, the process moved forward very quickly and my first meeting with employer contact was agreed. The Consultant wanted to brief me to this first meeting and also gave valuable information about the interviewer and his expectations etc. This enabled me to prepare for the meeting and gave a lot of confidence in advance. The consultant was extremely active to follow-up that meeting and also provided appropriate feedback from employer (this is very rare among other head-hunters, whom I have worked with previously). For the candidate it is truly valuable to hear, that meeting went well and process will continue.

Same activeness and preparation repeated with second interview and once again I received immediate feedback from Seal. To perhaps both of our surprise, company did want to start preparing an offer for me to join. This happened in timely manner (considering the holiday season in Finland). Seal was instrumental in negotiating terms & conditions of that offer for me. This is also relatively rare based on my previous experiences - typically at this stage the candidate already deals directly with employer contacts. I felt comfortable during this negotiation phase and my consultant was my "trusted advisor". He helped to put together a decent offer and employment contract, that I decided to sign with confidence.

As a summary, this whole process went very smoothly and quickly, the consultant knew his customer and managed this "project" with professionalism and unique activeness. It was a highly positive experience for me.
Business Manager, placed by Seal at Finnish Telecom IT Solutions Provider

Seal managed Executive recruitment flawlessly discussing the alternatives and options. She was always interested in feedback and actively sought discussion with potential employers.  She also managed to arrange meetings with the right people and didn't waste my or the prospective employers time.

Of primary importance to the Executive recruit is confidentiality as well as right fit.  The consultant constantly sought permission to approach particular people and cleared areas which should or should not be disclosed. She also constructively challenged rather than accepted outright any criteria that I may have considered important and was very keen to get the right career match.

In my opinion, I would recommend these services to any Executive or Management team seeking to recruit high quality senior management. 
Senior Manager, Global Consulting & Technology Services & Outsourcing Company

"We have been particularly impressed with Seal's thoroughness and perseverance - they have stuck with us as the job and person specifications have evolved through a search; undoubtedly we have benefited from Seal having very clear lines of client relationship responsibility - our account manager keeps very regular contact throughout the whole search and close-down process, but is also clearly able to provide us with the broader support available from the whole Seal team"
Group Finance Director, Medical Device Client

I would like to thank you most sincerely for your efforts in helping me obtain my new position as International Sales Manager with [Diagnostics Client]

I have really appreciated the care and attention given to my entire recruitment process.  This, together with your excellent communications, has been the best that I have experienced throughout my career.  I feel that it is important to comment on the professionalism of both yourself and Seal.  You not only gave me a thorough initial interview and evaluation programme, during which process my suitability was matched with your Client’s requirements, but you also evaluated the Client to determine if they were right for me. 

I particularly appreciated the pre interview briefings plus the rapid feedback and analysis following each stage of the process.

Finally, should I need, at some future date, to select an organisation to complete a recruitment assignment or be asked to recommend an agency, then Seal Recruitment Solutions would certainly be the top of my list.

It has been a pleasure to have received your support.
International Sales Manager placed with Medical Device Client

The assignment which we presented to Seal was a real challenge - finding a top quality healthcare R&D director to a very rigid specification of skills and experience. Seal worked hard to really understand the assignment and the nature of our business and showed tremendous tenacity in finding the exact candidate we were looking for.
CEO of in vitro Diagnostics Company

"I have worked with Executive Search companies a number of times during my 20 years in the IT industry, both as candidate and an employer. I am delighted to say that Seal have given the best service of any firm I have dealt with. 

In particular I would stress the depth of briefing that you gave me prior to each interview and the breadth and incisiveness of your questioning on my aptitude for the job.

I appreciated the way you were able to identify my aspirations and your skill in building up an understanding of my individual personality profile, which were unparalleled.  It is rare to find a team with such dedication and enthusiasm."
Candidate, placed by Seal as European Sales Director,  End to End IT Services Provider

"As a start-up, we needed top quality staff, and we needed them quickly. Seal took the trouble to fully understand our business proposition, and then targeted suitable individual staff. Seal were extremely professional, competent and fast throughout the recruitment process of three key individuals. The result? Three offers within 2 months of starting the campaign - an excellent outcome."
Client, Sales and Marketing Director, Mobile Data Services Organisation

“I have experienced Seal Recruitment Solutions from both a candidate’s perspective and also as a client. 

I found Seal to be extremely professional in their approach.

Seal took the opportunity to understand my motivations and career goals, from the very outset of our discussions, and throughout the recruitment process.  It was clear to me that Seal not only had my best interests in mind,  but unlike any recruitment company I had ever encountered before, they were able to offer me sound and impartial advice to help me make the right decision, ensuring that I was effectively briefed and de-briefed for every meeting. 

As a client I worked with them after my appointment at [Global Data Network Infrastructure Client] as the National Sales Director.  One of the most pressing tasks when I was appointed was to raise the bar in terms of the quality of the people we were recruiting for our sales teams.  I worked with Seal to develop a strategic plan for recruitment.  Seal took the time to understand our business.  Together we worked out how to position the company in order to be most effective in attracting the best people in the market.  Seal undertook a huge volume of recruitment, but also in many senior and difficult to fill positions.  They delivered time and time again to some extremely aggressive time scales.

I have been impressed by the quality of service that I have received from Seal time and time again, so much so that when I moved to [Multi National Unified Communications Software Company] recently, I have retained their services to help us to drive the growth of our business.

I would recommend Seal Recruitment Solutions; their partnership approach is unique in the marketplace
Candidate, placed, became client at 2 subsequent employers

Perhaps you are already away on leave and enjoying some well deserved time off but I wanted to thank you for all you effort over the past months. You have been an absolute pleasure to work with and in many years of utilizing Recruitment services your approach has been the most exceptional process I have worked with. You have truly made a difference to our ability to expand our business and hire quality staff.
Client, International Technical Director, Global Enterprise Information Management Software Company