Telecoms & Technology

Telecoms & Technology companies are the pioneers of our time, the great enablers, their innovation has transformed the way we all communicate,  live and work.   We are proud that our enduring commitment to this sector has led to hundreds of right first time appointments and long-term partnerships with industry leading individuals and organisations alike. 

Seal’s expertise in Telecoms & Technology is based on our understanding of the key market issues and challenges - deep sector knowledge built up over more than 16 years in industry.  Our clients have come to respect our true understanding of their key business drivers and the candidates we represent can be confident that we have their best interests at the heart of all we do.

…you have given the best service of any firm I have dealt with (in 20 years in IT). In particular I would stress the depth of briefing that you gave me prior to each interview and the breadth and incisiveness of your questioning on my aptitude for the job

This is an aggressive competitive landscape and best of breed technology is no guarantee of commercial success - only those organisations that are able to attract and retain the most commercial and talented of candidates - whether in sales and marketing or key engineering, technical and leadership roles, will survive these turbulent times.

Seal have a proven track record in identifying and engaging with individuals who possess the skills and leadership to generate commercial success in the dynamic and competitive market that is technology.  We partner with our clients to help them deliver on their most crucial strategic objective: to secure the right people at the right time. 

Operating in the UK and throughout Europe, we specialise in the recruitment of senior level candidates - from one-off specialist assignments through project management of team recruitment as well as on-going ‘talent spotting’.