Executive Search

In competitive markets - whether technological, geographical or commercial - search is the recruitment method most likely to deliver outstanding talent to pre-agreed timelines, and best in class search process is at the core of our business.


Our approach gives our clients access to candidates who may not otherwise know their opportunity exists. Often the highest performers are those who are well respected, well motivated and well remunerated where they are - those individuals who are simply 'not looking' for a career move. Research shows that in any given year approximately 15% of the working population will seek out their next career move - adopting search is most likely to result in a successful hire, by taking your opportunity to 100% of the marketplace - and reaching out to the 85% of otherwise passive candidates.

We use a robust and rigorous search process - this process is established, proven worldwide and delivers enough flexibility to be able to cope with factors of urgency, geography, seniority or confidentiality and can scale to include multiple head-projects as well as one-off assignments.

Role Definition

We begin by working with the client to define the brief, gain a true understanding of the complexities of the role and to identify the competencies of the ideal candidate. We dig deep to define the culture of the organisation, to understand what makes the opportunity unique and what personal characteristics will allow a candidate to thrive in the role. 80% of our business is achieved through existing client relationships and that is a testament to the value we put on understanding and respecting internal cultures and on-going needs. It helps us understand the big picture and makes sure we are able to present the best candidates.

Research Led

We approach each assignment with 'fresh eyes' and try to avoid making assumptions. Ours is a research led approach - our clients can be assured that they have bench marked the industry and gained access to the best available talent - not simply the best of those individuals who are looking, or who might respond to an ad or an 'in-mail.' We are methodical and will leave no stone unturned on behalf of our clients.  Our retained clients also benefit from complementary salary surveys, industry mapping and competitor analysis.

Service Level Agreement

Our clients benefit from being able to manage each assignment by Service Level Agreement - which includes timescale commitments and has key 'meet points' and reporting dates built in. We find this enhances transparency, sets mutual expectations and encourages a true partnership based on open communication.

Partnership Approach

As a privately owned boutique firm each assignment is critical to our reputation and our clients are our whole world. You will benefit from one point of contact, the consultant you meet will be the consultant that takes responsibility for candidate management and for the project delivery.

Communication and Negotiation

We work with client and candidates throughout the process and beyond the point of hire - we will proactively lead you through the process and keep you fully aware of the next steps and on-going progress. We will help to formulate the interview format and act as a neutral third party at the point of offer negotiation to ensure a positive outcome for both client and candidate.

Our range of solutions enables our clients to concentrate on their core business confident that their recruitment requirements are being professionally addressed.

We have been particularly impressed with Seal’s thoroughness and perseverance - they have stuck with us as the job and person specifications have evolved through a search; undoubtedly we have benefited from Seal having very clear lines of client relationship responsibility - our account manager keeps very regular contact throughout the whole search and close-down process, but is also clearly able to provide us with the broader support available from the whole Seal team