Recruitment Process Development

It’s surprising to us that in many organisations interviewing managers have often received no formal training in interviewing and how often, despite there being multiple interviews in a process, each interview is essentially a repeat of the last.

We are experts in interviewing and assessment techniques and can advise on best practice in this critical skills area. Combining our recruitment knowledge with your business requirements to make the interviews totally relevant to the role can pay huge dividends when it comes to candidate attraction. We can provide agendas for each stage of your internal interview process – including generating high-return interview questions to support your line managers, as well as tools to reinforce decision making and feedback in order to try to balance out some of the ‘gut feel’ school of recruitment.

We will work with you to determine if psychometric and other forms of ability testing would be relevant and appropriate in your situation, and to administer this part of the process should you so desire.

Through our sister company Seal Recruitment Training Solutions we also deliver interview training to our client’s management teams – either in-house or by allowing them to join one of the regular training seminars that we run. For more information, please talk to your consultant for an assessment of your needs (via our proprietary Training Needs Analysis tool) or e-mail